CarSTA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser is a fuel additive that keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after periods of storing your car, motorcycle or lawnmower.

Fuel Stabiliser eliminates the need to drain fuel before storage and protects your engine from gum, rust and corrosion. These problems can afflict engines after petrol left in the tank has broken down and has not been treated with a fuel stabiliser.

Designed for all 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol engines, STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser also prolongs the life of engines by removing water from petrol tanks, and cleaning carburettors and fuel injectors. The solution works safely and effectively in all petrol blends, including ethanol-blended fuel up to E85.

Our product range also includes additives for ethanol, diesel and boat engines. STA-BIL products, from manufacturer Gold Eagle, have been recommended by over 100 original equipment manufacturers, and have been used and trusted by consumers for over 50 years.


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