“I have 11 small OPE engines of various types, ranging from small 2-cycle to larger twins. I’ve used STA-BIL in every can of fuel (at 4oz/5gal rate) routinely for years. We’ve had 10% ethanol here for about 4-5 years, too. I have to say, there has not been a single fuel-related issue in any of those engines, ever. Most of them are seasonal/intermittent usage too, so the fuel has plenty of opportunity to sit around. And despite that, NOT ONE fuel/carburetor problem. Ever. It’s amazing stuff and well worth the price. I’d give it six stars if they allowed it.”

– Stan Robinson


“I am blessed to have the best boats and motors available to me. When I get on my boat all I want to do is turn the key and go fishing. Marine Formula Sta-Bil makes sure that my engine starts and runs perfect every time!”

– Capt. Rich Tudor


“Use your product in my jet skis, snowmobiles, mowers and all my yard equipment. I store everything wet and in 17 years NEVER had a problem with gumming. I am an advocate for wet storage. People think that running the engines dry is the best way. I disagree, it is almost impossible to get all the fuel out of a carburetor just by running the engine until it stops. That small amount left inside can cause more damage drying out, not to mention in the small weed whacker carbs, leaving them dry makes the diaphragms stiff.

Leave um’ wet PUT IN STA-BIL and you will NEVER, EVER have problems!!”

– Len


“I have been using STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer for more years than I can count. I use it in my riding (and push) mowers, snow blower, and outboard motor, on a regular basis and for storage. My outboard is 20 years old, the snow blower 15, the riding mower 10 and a 13 year old push mower. Never, once, have I had a problem with fuel. I wouldn’t think of operating or storing any of these machines w/o this product. Thanks!”

– Steve V


“I just have to give you one big THANKS for STA-BIL. I am convinced that STA-BIL has got to be one of the greatest products on Earth. Thanks for such an incredible product.”

– John R. Hall


“I have been using STA-BIL for years in all my lawn equipment, and also my boat engine. I recently switched to the blue Marine formula due to the ethanol fuel problems. I especially like the container in which you sell STA-BIL. The dispensing spout makes it so easy to measure the required amount needed without any other measuring cups, etc.”

– A.J. “Pete”


“Hi, Just a few words to let you know how close your products are to our family. Our son is currently in Iraq and we have been taking care of his truck that is in storage with your fuel stabilizer and antifreeze products. We are also a big supporter of the products through the LSMRA and my husband uses these products to race his lawn mower. Attached is a picture of our recent race in Bryan Texas where he came in 1st place in the BP division. This was his first win and as you can see it was a very lifting experience. Thank you for all you do with your products and the support of the USLMRA/LSMRA. I can’t get him to mow the lawn because he is always racing his mower, GIZMOW, thanks again, from a lawn mower racing widow.”

– John


“I’m proud to say that as of 2009 I’ve switched from all the other brands of stabilizer to “STA-BIL”, I parked my boat in Oct. of 2006 which had a bad engine so it has set ever since then. On June 15th [2009] we cleaned the boat and I was going to drain the gas (17 gallons)and fill it with fresh but my wife noticed the bottle of “STA-BIL” and mentioned that we had treated it before the last tournament I fished. I told her that the gas would be nasty and it will never start. Boy was I wrong, not only did it start, it runs better now than it ever has!!!!

I will NEVER use anything else!!!!”

– Rick H


“I am a firm believer of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer. I was a head mechanic in a power equipment repair and sales business for 10 years.

In my own experience my portable gasoline powered generator had been sitting in a shed for 4 years. I brought it out after Hurricane Irene and it started on the 4th. pull of the recoil cord, thanks to STA-BIL! As each gasoline can is emptied I automatically install STA-BIL before refilling them. All of my personal power equipment has stabilized fuel in it. It has paid off. I keep 2 bottles of STA-BIL on hand at all times. Thank you STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer!”

– Charles


“Just thought you might be interested in our experience of using your Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. We sailed our small sailboat from Vancouver, Canada, through the Panama Canal and over to England, where she now resides. We planned to store the boat for a few months while we looked for work, so we ran some of your fuel stabilizer through our Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine to avoid any future problems. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we had neglected the engine for a number of years. In fact, it turned out to be TEN years and one month before we decided to resurrect the engine. Fully expecting the engine to be gummed up and completely unusable until a full engine overhaul was done, we still decided to give it a try anyway. To our utter amazement, the engine fired up the first time – as if it had just been running the day before. Still in a state of disbelief, we took the engine to a qualified service mechanic for inspection. He acknowledged that indeed the engine was running perfectly, and that he could not charge us because the engine required NO cleaning or servicing whatsoever. We continued merrily on our way, and the engine continues to function as if the intervening 10-years of storage had never happened. The whole experience has gone down in the Ship’s Log as one of the more amazing experiences of our extended voyage around the world. This can only be due to the application of your STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer.”

– Chris and Josie